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We are an independently owned software solutions provider dedicated to the out of home industry.
For over 30 years we have been growing partnerships with Media Owners, Specialist Media Buyers and other likeminded Technologists around the world.
Creating products and tailoring solutions to fit business needs.


Fully Integrated solutions that don't restrict choice.
As the interests of Out of Home and the Technology sector continue to converge, we all need to be more interconnected, more automated and more agile.
Key works diligently to bring these worlds together.


Our understanding and heritage bring unparalleled expertise.
Established offices in each region enable international reach and capability.

Your Business Covered

Unleash the power of Out of Home.

Recent Projects

Trading Web Services

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allows external and internal sales channels to directly place bookings automatically and programmatically through our proprietary SOAP services and the OpenDirect standard REST APIs.

Share of Time - 'Pilot'

A radical way of determining price and digital availability based on Share of Time delivery flexibility. The advertiser has absolute control on how their advertisement should playout and the Media Owner maximises selling opportunities.

Our Software

Software solutions for Media Owners and Media Buyers.
Using our core technology we create solutions to fit your business. Using our products Media Owners and Media Buyers can remain agnostic to:
Demand side platforms - APIs build on industry standards such as Open Direct, allows external systems to access data in a controlled secure manner.
Digital Players - Key has had extensive experience in integrations to many Digital player networks. These include Broadsign, OneLAN (now Uniguest), Signagelive, UniLED, Ryarc to name a few.
Financials – Create journals and interface directly into finance systems. Evaluate Profitability based on Income and Contract and Maintenance Payments.


Key works exclusively in the Out of Home Industry. Our products cover the end to end process to manage, and deliver your clients advertising, accurately and efficiently. We have extensive reporting and analysis tools to ensure proof of delivery and transparency is maintained throughout.


We are not just about software


Our support centres are staffed by highly skilled, responsive experts who aim to provide swift response and quick resolution to any problem. We are on hand to help


Our solutions are continually evolving. As your business grows, your systems need to keep pace. We can work with you to deliver your next big idea.


Data accumulates - Contracts, payments, invoices, commissions, maintenance, scheduling, proof of delivery, all impacting on revenue and costs. When properly analysed this data reveals hidden secrets. We can help you translate this information into meaningful insights.


We have been on this journey since 1987. We have learnt a lot along the way and made a few mistakes too, sometimes that's worth sharing.


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