Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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The Key Systems product suite is a collection of integrated software solutions designed specifically for the Out Of Home advertising industry.

Our software enables Media Owners and Out Of Home Buying Agencies to trade and manage traditional and digital assets.




Fusion is the command and control centre for all asset, campaign and delivery business processes.

The Core modules focus on:

  • Asset management for digital and traditional media types in a multitude of locations including transit, airports, malls, roadside, and other internal and external environments.
  • Manages full campaign lifecycle from planning through production to delivery.
  • Scheduling posting, proof of performance for both traditional and digital.
  • Maintenance of plant.
  • Rental, Rates and Revenue share payments.
  • Campaign Invoicing






Digital Director is a core module integrated into Fusion. It focuses on the management and trading of the Media Owners digital portfolio.

Whether small format networks or individual large format screens, Digital Director tracks availability and pricing information for digital assets. This is booked alongside traditional media allowing for single campaign management and reporting.

Integration into many industry leading digital players gives a seamless automated delivery of content.







Developed specifically for the USA market, Quattro Media Owner is designed to help manage the entire Media Owner lifecycle, from Asset Management to Maintenance and Invoicing.

The cutting edge, feature rich software delivers real benefits, covering areas such as Sales, Creative, Production, Delivery and Finance.






Fusion Outdoor Buyer delivers to an Agency a buying system designed specifically for traditional and digital out of home media. Combining both sides of the transaction, orders can be created to the Media owner, whilst budgets and targets can be monitored for the client.

Sophisticated commission structures and pricing rules ensure accurate invoicing and clear visibility on data.



Check availability and create Options or Proposals on the go with Proposal Generator.

Accessed through a standard browser, Proposal Generator allows a user to view live availability information for all digital and traditional inventory, and to create Proposals or Options, reserving panels in real-time. Existing Proposals can also be viewed, and booking confirmation documentation created to share with the buyer.



PosterWeb is an online portal which allows Bill Posting companies to view and allocate design instructions for their upcoming campaigns. This is then used to push posting instructions to the eWorklist app, and allows the Bill Posting company to monitor the performance of their individual bill posters.



e-worklist is a productivity app, which distributes posting worklists directly to the smartphones of bill posters, and allows them to record a proof of posting image for each panel done. Working in tandem with Fusion and P-Web, this allows complete, detailed management of all aspects of the billposting cycle. E-Worklist is available on compatible Android, IOS and Windows Phone devices.